Our Eco Warriors Father's Day

Sunday, 1 September 2013

My darling husband has been a little spoiled today. He was treated to his usual Father's Day breakfast, including my daughter's delicious blueberry pancakes {it's 3pm and we're still not hungry}, then we went out and about and then spent the afternoon in the garden--something our entire family loves to do.

It has been the most glorious Spring day here in Canberra. The sunshine has roused us from wintry hibernation and we've been soaking in the rays and tumbling in the leaves and turning the warming soil.

Husband brought home a compost bin yesterday {finally! above: looks like a giant takeaway coffee} and we've whacked the thing together and installed it next to the veggie patch. The kids have loved adding cuttings and food scraps and rolling the bin over and over like we're playing chook lotto. The veggie patch also got a thorough going-over--weeding, turning, enriching--prepping the soil for our summer bounty. We've already decided on:



potatoes {which are pretty much already in there}

cherry tomatoes of many variety

Lebanese cucumbers


basil {next to the tomatoes}



{we already have rosemary}


mint {in pots--and chocolate mint, too}


spring onions



and maybe capsicum again

I spent a bit of time drinking in and photographing {and taking cuttings for indoors, above} the blossoms on our fruit trees, too. They just enchant me. I can't help smiling when I'm around them. I get really cranky at the inevitable Spring winds that come up just when the blossoms are in full bloom, and cause them to scatter. Away from me. It's not right.

Can you see how happy I am to be slathered in sunshine and plant shadows?

It's been lovely to wander around our garden and appreciate. Here are just some of my beloved birch trees.

I've been hankering for a Waratah to put in the garden, so we'll get one this week and I'd really love to try growing some native flowers from seed.

So, it's been a gorgeous Father's Day/Blog Tour launch day. Here is my husband's bounty--above--along with several foot massage vouchers from the kids {which I'm going to steal}. It's only a few small tokens that celebrate how lucky we are to have him {the satchel was a gift from his colleagues after a recent job move}.

I never really had a father and the one father I adopted left us far too soon. Imagine the joy it brings me to see my children grow up with a loving, dedicated, funny, gorgeous, hardworking man. It's sometimes overwhelms me and I often think it is me who benefits the most from Father's Day.

Whether you're a dad, about to become one, love someone like a father, or are remembering someone precious, thank you for being there for our kids. How they need you.

All in all, it's been the perfect Dad's day and gardening day and celebration of the launch of my Eco Warriors to the Rescue! blog tour {full schedule here}. I feel fresh and zesty from the great outdoors--something I haven't felt enough lately.

I hope you can follow me on tour, and I hope you had a lovely Father's Day, wherever you are. 

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