New Books - 18 December 2013

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Some lovely new treasures of late--adoring each and every one. And the Golden Books at the bottom--I am tossing up making some papercraft items with the Christmas ones. Don't you love it when you find Golden Books you don't already own AND they feature superb retro illos? Double wham of bookish bliss!

What are you reading over summer?


Kate Bouman said...

Oh wow "a day at the sea shore" was the very first book my mother read and the very first book I ever read. She knows the whole thing off by heart and I know at least the first 5 pages. I would strongly encourage against turning it into paper craft as when I bought a replacement copy 7 years ago the cheapest I could find it online was $40! Worth it tho. A truly beautiful book.

Tania McCartney said...

Amazing, Kate - how sweet! I still have books I can recite off by heart--the ones I once read to my own kids.

This is a recent reproduction copy--Random House occasionally do reprints of backlist titles, and so I'm sure this one is prolific again. Having said that, Golden Books are so hit-and-miss to find here in Australia, so yes I'll be holding onto this one.

I would only papercraft the Christmas titles--I love the illustrations in these other retro books far too much to cut them up! :)

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