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Monday 10 February 2014

Ask Tania has been archived for now. Thank you to everyone who sent in fabulous questions. I hope you enjoy perusing the topics covered below.

Isn't it just so nice to receive a helping hand? Goodness knows, I'm working in a community where extending kindness to others is rife, so I'm extending the love with this Ask Tania column for new writers/illustrators, self-publishers and other industry folk--hoping to pass on a little bit of all I've learned in over 35 years of professional writing, illustrating, designing, editing and publishing.

My Ask Tania column is for people to ask any kind of question on writing, editing, publishing, book marketing, blogging or any other literary topic. And if I can't answer the question, I'm sure I can point you in the direction of someone who can!

Questions So Far ...

Writing Your 'About Me' for publishers and submissions

To Self-Publish or Not Self-Publish - HUGE question

Taking self-published books to a worldwide audience 

What is the importance of registering your book for CiP?

When should I put my illustrations 'out there'?

How do I become an author/illustrator?

How can unpublished authors get noticed?

How do I find a children's book illustrator?

Writing your manuscript submission cover letter

Coping with the manuscript submission waiting game

Writing a literary CV

How can I submit when publishers aren't open for submissions?

ISBNs, websites, marketing platforms, schools - HELP!

How do I prevent myself from being used?

When submitting to publishers, how should I lay out my manuscript?

What is the most widely used and accepted illustration software?

Being an author is physically tough. How can I keep fit?? 

How much do I present to a publisher in order to be taken seriously? 

Who pays for what when we get a publishing deal?

The work/life balance ... how do I write AND manage a household?  

I'm media-terrified. How do I promote my work without putting my foot in it? 

What's the best way to work towards becoming a full time author?

What's the process when commissioned to illustrate a book?

How do I throw an amazing book launch?

Picture Book structure--circular, narrative, characters, rhyming--HELP!

Non-Fiction Picture Books--where do I start when submitting to publishers?

What makes a great author website?

What's with these book awards that authors can buy? Are they worth it?

How do I make the most out of writing festivals and conferences?

Coping with publisher critiques at conferences and festivals

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