Spring Snow

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

blossom snow outside our bedroom

I simply adore this time of year, when blossoms pop and bulbs squirt blooms from the ground. Each year, our resident bulbs multiply and the moment warmer weather creeps in, it's so exciting to see how far they've spread.

Most years, shortly after our blossom trees are packed with pink and white, the winds come along and whisk the flowers away--always far too soon. This year, the winds haven't yet stolen their glory, and instead the blossoms are showering down, all over our yard and decking, mimicking snow.

Our aganpanthus {above and below} didn't fare well this winter, with hard frosts, so I've been 'trimming' them of dead leaf ends. They look a little shabby now but they'll rally, and the bulbs popping up around helps make them pretty.

My husband just popped in some new Kangaroo Paw {below} for our front garden which receives full, hot sun year round. I'm hoping they do well. Here is one standing proud before a bowing erlicheer.

This lovely thatch of blue iris {below} has also come up bright and is already flowering. Our lavender is thriving, too but our standards and tulip trees are yet to leaf.

What a lovely time of year.

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