You're Published! And now for the hard part ... marketing your book

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Are you a Writers Centre member? I've been a member of the ACT Writers Centre for four or five years now, and it's truly the most valuable (and inexpensive!) investment. Writers centres not only offer fantastic networking and sharing opportunities, they are there to offer advice, support, information and priceless tips and resources on your writing journey.

This month's ACTWrite features one of my articles in tandem with my upcoming workshop Book Marketing and Self-Promotion, which is great for people wanting to get a hold on the ins and outs of book promotion. Even if you're not yet published, the tips and ideas I offer in this workshop will build your skills base for later use.

This is the fourth time I've run this workshop--it's very popular--so if you're in Canberra or surrounds, do come along!

And if you're not part of your local writers centre, do consider joining--it's an investment that's worth its weight in words!

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