Crazy for Advent Calendars

Monday 24 November 2014

Every year, I make a new advent calendar for my kids {who are, incidentally, now aged 14 and nearly 12}. In reality, I probably make them for me--but the contents are still very much for my babies--and they really do love them. Still.

Things are pretty busy in my world {and my family's world! I know you can relate!} and I can't see this letting up any time soon, yet I still love to hand-create certain items at Christmastime, and advents are one of them.

Above is a simple paper bag advent I made some time ago {see it here}--and it costs virtually nothing to create. We loved the way the bags crinkled when little fingers went hunting for treasure.

This year I have some ideas for a new set-up which I'll do a post on in early December, but in the meantime, here are some gorgeous ideas for your own advent calendar. You might even find a new designer or store you love.

Some are tutorials, some you can buy, some are downloads that you can print and put together. I hope they bring you much advent joy, but get cracking--only 7 days to go!


Unknown said...

So much beauty in one space. Love them all.

Emma Perry said...

Ooo so many choices!

I'm kinda loving those gorgeous trees from Dans Mon Bocal. I've got the perfect gorgeous white wooden tree, I think they'd look beautiful to hanging from it's branches!

Thanks for the inspiration.

Tania McCartney said...

I want to make them all!!

Cosmic said...

Love arty & crafty things,love these creative ideas!

Anonymous said...

<3 your work!

I am so chuffed that I have come across your website. I adore your 'style' and these Advent Calendars are such a great example.

I was referred to you via the FB group - W.A. B-Schoolers.
I'm signing up to your 'list' and can't wait to see what arrives in my email inbox soon.


in case you want to check out my 'style' . . . .

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