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Saturday, 29 November 2014

I must admit, I love a wee spot of Christmas decorating, most especially because each and every year becomes less complicated and more whimsical. And I really, really like less complicated and more whimsical.

I haven't bought anything new this year, and some of last year's lights didn't even leave the walls, so today was super easy peasy--just setting up the feather tree and adding some walls decorations and garlands.

I even put a holly wreath in the window of our bedroom this year (below)--why not?

And of course--the ubiquitous picture book always has to make it in somewhere--below is one of my favourites of 2014.

You'll also see some vintage postcards and a raffia angel and the most divine tea light village made of balsa wood. I love how the candles spin the little propeller at the top.

The starry decorations below are made from ice cream sticks, and I've had these hand-painted wooden letters for over 10 years now. The beautiful string of white lights were from a $2 shop, believe it or not.

Below, another tea light house sits on the piano below original ricepaper watercolours from Beijing, snow globes, glittered wreaths from target (which again stayed on the wall all year) and tea light bags. I'm ever nervous about putting candles in these bags, so I'll be hunting for battery-operated lights soon.

I simply adore this glittered metal ornament--BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS. It's dangling from my treasured feather tree which I bought, handmade, from the States.

On top of the feather tree is a glass wren with feather tail and a glass bonbon from the Christmas factory outside Beijing (a little slice of heaven). Above the tree is a paper wreath I made some time ago.

The rest of the tree is dripping with glass, mercury glass, tin and plastic crystal ornaments--I wanted light and sparkly this year, with a hint of red.

The two silver pine cones at the base of the tree weigh a tonne--they're real pine cones dipped in liquid metal and are just extraordinary. I found these at the Bredbo Christmas Barn last year.

The clear glass ornaments are from the Beijing factory, and are filled with a teaspoon of fine-grade glitter.

In the family room, masses of lights from Bunnings jostle with ribbon ornaments I made a few Christmasses ago, paper lanterns and miniature cards from Typo, secured with mini pegs.

I have quite the obsession with nesting dolls, and have quite a few festive ones.

Above the dining table is another treasured possession--a red wreath from Provincial Home Living, and cardboard deer ornaments from IKEA.

The wall tree near the front entrance is made of Robert Sabuda pop-up cards. They come in a tin and pop out with papery enchantment when you open them. The kids are always stopping to flip them open. The wreath is DIY from Kikki-K.

The felted mushrooms reflected in the mirror below, were a $1 buy from Typo after Christmas last year. I made the little white feather wreath myself.

Looking down (below) at the tea light village and snow globes near the front entrance.

The little ceramic houses, below, are from a flower market in Beijing. They were $3 each and are covered in glitter. I absolutely adore them. The little dark green trees are from a $2 shop and the fluffier ones are from Beijing. The white feather cone tree is from Spotlight.

The feather wreath, below, is from Bredbo Christmas Barn.

I made this little paper wreath, below, a few years ago. It sits in the kitchen.

I made the wreath, below, using a large metal ring, wound tightly with a string of lights and long strands of plush tinsel from Spotlight.

A recent purchase, below, is a new favourite--a light box from Typo.

It's so nice to have a tiny tree. We have it on a table where we stack gifts--both on top and underneath. We have a big monster of a tree--a 7-footer, with a 10-foot girth, but we've retired it for now. I want light at Christmas, not heavy.

My latest advent calendar sits in on the dining room table--whimsy personified. You can see the full advent calendar and tutorial here.

Have you started your Christmas decorating?


Emma | My Book Corner said...

Ooooo just stunning Tania!! Beautiful & light.

Love all the details ... and all those wreaths too. Why stick with one? Love it! I'm also amazed that you can remember where everything came from ... now that's impressive too!!

tiarastantrums said...

oh darling - gorgeous, as always!! I have not done ONE single thing! I've no time! How sad! Handsome Hubbie put up the tree, with the lights and it sit, all sad, in the corner, unadorned! I must get in gear - I have next monday free! coffee, music and ornaments!

Thomas Watson said...

Gorgeous inspiration! I like all your DIY decors.

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