The Fantastical Flying Creator E-Workshop

Thursday 20 November 2014


Now at over 340 pages
Flying Creator comes as a downloadable PDF that can be stored 
on your computer, and accessed any time. 

   Oh how I wish this had been around when I was starting out.
Tania McCartney is the real deal — she knows her stuff inside out.
And what’s more, she shares her knowledge with grace, wit and
unwavering enthusiasm. The Fantastical Flying Creator is a gift.
Grab it! I cannot recommend it more highly.
- author Jen Storer

Are you a creative who wants to create full time or take their work to the next level? This E-Workshop is for you. It's jam-packed with my blood, sweat, passion, laughter and tears. It contains over 30 years of writing and editing and publishing and marketing experience--all wrapped up in a very pretty bundle, with stacks of insider info, advice, exercises, revelations, thoughts, dares and double dares.

It's for authors and illustrators mostly, but it's also for writers, bloggers, artists, artisans, and crafters, and anyone else who wants to connect with their creative core and work towards a full time, rewarding and successful career. There is some focus on the Australian children's book industry, with specific links, but much of the content can also apply to the adult book industry and creative industries world-wide.

Anyone who knows me or who's done my workshops knows you get mega value with me. I give it my all, you get STACKS and I share openly, honestly, and with gusto.

In this E-Workshop, you will find detailed content from four of my most popular workshops - Book Marketing and Promotion, Blogging for Authors, Social Networking and Creating a Picture Book. Each of these workshops run for 4 - 6 hours and can cost up to $300 each.

With The Fantastical Flying Creator, you get all these workshops for a fraction of the price of one live workshop. PLUS, over 140 pages of extra content, two mini e-books thanks to Kids' Book Review, an extra chapter on creating picture books, AND three decades of experience, above and beyond the workshops proper.

With over 70 exercises to complete, you won't be disappointed. And you can do it all in your own time, with no deadlines and no 'reporting back' (though I'd love to hear what you think!).

'...I started your e-workshop yesterday and am powering through to page 93. I've taken action, contacted important people, refined my daily schedule, have made more commitments to myself. And am even trialling standing up at my computer!!! I've made a list of literary awards, grants, festivals and have uncovered a limiting self-belief towards my writing - so ready to blast that out pronto!! Watch this space because my 10 year dedication is hitting a whole new level of passion and FOCUS! Thanks for creating this! LOVE...' - Lee-Anne Peters, Temple of Balance

As a talented author and illustrator, Tania McCartney is a creative force! 
Having worked with her on several picture books, I can think of no one better 
to share all the details of how to succeed in this industry.
- publisher Anouska Jones

Below is what you'll find inside. It's long, so see you at the other end!

Click here for a free sample so you can check out the layout.


WARNING: The contents of this workbook may cause intuitive connection and bursts of creative hyperactivity. High levels of excitement and drive may perplex or frazzle the people around you. Ignore them. 

Who Are You?
Reconnecting With Your 8-Year-Old Self
What Do You Write/Illustrate?
Who is Your Audience?
Who is Your Target Market?
Plotter or Pantser?
Your Illustration Style
Run Your Own Race
Creating is Not a Hobby
Creating Full Time
Work/Life/Health Balance 

Your Craft 
The Gap
A Single Step
Writing + Art Courses
How much is too much?
Hiring an Editor
Manuscript + Portfolio Assessments
Mentors + Teachers
Groups, Organisations + Affiliations
Your Creative Setting
Your Creative Tools
Your Creative Schedule
Sharpen Your Axe
Grammar and Punctuation NEW
Maximising Your Time
Active Tips for Streamlining
Procrastination + Creative Blocks
Illustrator Portfolios
Colour NEW
Illustrator Confidence

Building Your Career
Just Write, Just Illustrate
What Do Publishers Want?
Invest in Yourself
Database + Diarise It
Awards + Competitions
Grants + Residencies
Festivals, Conferences + Events
- As Delegate
- As Presenter
Festival + Conference List

Your Industry
Industry v Market
Getting to Know It
- Obstacles
- Starting Out
Social Media Networking (SN)
- Pros
- Cons
- Recommended SN Types
- Linking SN Sites
Other SN Capabilities
- Challenges
- The Facebook Cull
Live Networking
Collaborations + Contra deals
Crit Buddies
Asking for Help

Approaching Publishers
Know Your Target Market
Research Your Publisher
Have Your Work Edited
Approach Indie Publishers
General Submissions
- What to send for general subs
- What not to send
Multiple Submissions
‘Selling’ Your Work
Query Emails
Writing Your Submission Cover Letter
Coping with the Submission Waiting Game
Rejection + Criticism
Contract Basics
Contract Changes
You’re Published—now what?
A Note on Self-Publishing
Taking it to a Worldwide Audience
Finding an Illustrator for Self-Published Picture Books
Joint Venture Companies

Your Presence
Website v Blog
Your Website
- Website Platforms
- Website Content
- Important Tips
Your Blog
- Blog Pros
- Blog Cons
- Blog Content
More Online Ideas
Affiliated Websites
Guest Posting
Blog Tours
Book Trailers + Videos
More Tips

Marketing + Promotion
Visual Branding
Standing Out from the Crowd
Author Bios
Author Photos
Book Blurb
Addendum Product
Teaching Notes

The Media
Media Platforms
Media Access
The Approach
The Press Release
Advance Information Sheet
The Media Kit
Review Requests
Media Relationships
Media Nerves

Event Types
The Book Launch
- The Date + Time
- The Venue
- The Guest List + Invitation
- Sponsors
- Timeframes
- Schedules
- Activities for Kids
- Decorations
- Food
- Prizes + Goodie Bags
- Photographs
- Launch Tips
Book Readings
Festivals + Conferences
School Visits
- Organising a visit
- Presentation content
- Tips for success
Other Events
Event Payment
Event Tips
Event Nerves
Event Rewards

Selling Your Work
Earning Money
Selling Books or Artwork
Online Stores
Your Own Online Store
Schools + Libraries
Events + Markets
- Market Tips
General Selling Tips
How Much to Charge
A Note On Crowd-Funding

What Not to Do
Don't ...

When Your Career Takes Flight
Protect Yourself
Give Back
Give Thanks
A Final Word


For Picture Book Creators 

Two FREE mini e-books thanks to Kids’ Book Review!

  • How to Get Your Book Reviewed
  • KBR’s Picture Book Writing Tips

See, I told you there was a lot!

The Fantastical Flying Creator comes to you as a PDF file with active links to dozens upon dozens of sites and posts, containing even more content and references. These links make learning, interacting and referencing incredibly easy, as you'll get to witness any content described.

And best of all, you get to keep this e-workshop and refer to it forever and ever. Like a fairy tale.

I hope you love is as much as I've loved creating it.

If you have any questions or would like to make payment by direct deposit or cheque, please don't hesitate to email me here


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  • Once you have made payment, you will be taken to a download page. If you click away or leave it till later, you won't be able to access it. You will need to use a LAPTOP OR DESKTOP computer to do this, not a tablet, phone or other device.
  • Once you reach the download page, be sure to hover your mouse at the top of the page and click the little DOWNLOAD arrow to download the PDF to your computer, as the link will soon expire. This also means you'll be able to access it quickly and easily, any time you like.
  • Remember not to share your purchase! This for your use only.
  • If something goes wrong or you click away from the link page by accident, just email me.
  • Your Paypal receipt serves as your tax receipt.
  • If you would prefer to pay by direct deposit (Australians only), email me here.


  This E-Workshop dares you to take that leap. 
To walk to the edge of the creative cliff and soar. 
I double dare you.
{+ it's a tax deduction! woot!}   


Unknown said...

Super dooper!!!!!
Can I get away with spending my kids Christmas money on this?
I'm off to ask Santa...

jen storer said...

I'm so excited to see this out in the world, it's so awesome. Lucky duckies who get hold of it, there's nothing like it and it's so inspiring! Tania, you are a treasure. xx

jen storer said...

I'm so excited to see this out in the world, it's so awesome. Lucky duckies who get hold of it, there's nothing like it and it's so inspiring! Tania, you are a treasure. xx

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

This looks incredible, wow wee, how incredibly invaluable, what a fantastical resource!! Good luck awesome one, love Posie

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