So long, 2014 ...

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 was a bag of mixed lollies for me.

Sometimes sweet, sometimes exhilarating and sometimes, like the deepest cavity, immensely painful.

At times I wished the year away, but a surprising calm has come over me as the year release its grip ... I have come through to the other end feeling {despite some truly momentous life difficulties} happy. I feel I can look back and grasp all the joys with full gratitude, for these joys, even in the smallest ways, have outshone all the hardships.

2014 was a year of spiritual introspection, of looking inward and feeling the full impact of my past, my future and my belief {and disbelief} in humanity. It was a year of destruction and breaking things down in many, many ways, but it was also a year of reconnection, of rebuilding on a more solid foundation and redefining a brand new life direction.

All in all, it's been a miraculous year--not easy, but certainly life-changing. For the better. Sometimes we need to go through difficulty to understand exactly how fortunate we are.

Along with some wonderful career achievements and rewarding friendship connections, my greatest wins this year have been in regard to health and creativity. Aligning with these life forces so deeply has cut a brand new path for me and my family--a path I feel I've been waiting a lifetime to walk on. Finally, I feel I've entered The Flow and I've never been more excited about what lies ahead. For me, it will be a year of Focus, Earthing, Productivity and Calm.

I hope you can look back at 2014 with much fondness, seeking the beauty and precious moments in a relatively trying year for many. And I hope that 2015 is a year of reconnection for you, in even the smallest ways. I hope the next twelve months shine a light on Graciousness over Industry, Connection over Networking, Listening over Speaking, Groundedness over Faffing, Depth over Winning, Gratitude over Want.

As you move through the following 12 months, lovely readers, stand strong, seek out beauty, express gratitude daily {for it truly, truly is the key to happiness}, do what you love and what makes you smile. Heed that mantra:

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy. 

And remember, above all else: never let anyone dull your shine.

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Michelle Lewry said...

I was sorry to learn that behind your ever-ready sunny smile there was even a smidge of heartache.
Sending you a warm and fuzzy virtual hug and best wishes for shiny new 2015. Thank you so very much for all the opportunities you have given authors, illustrators and creators this year.

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