I'm grateful for ...

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sometimes, being a creative person can be intense. Sometimes things can overwhelm you, disappoint you, leave you feeling a little lost. I wrote The Fantastical Flying Creator to help others focus and reconnect with their creativity, but that doesn't mean I'm immune to feeling lost or uninspired.

Feeling this way is {thankfully!} temporary, and I do believe it's part of the natural rhythm of life. For me, it often precedes change, and change, as we know, can be a very fine thing.

During these times, it's important to remember This Too Shall Pass. It's not a time for forcing ourselves to perform or achieve. It's not a time to beat ourselves up for the various reasons we could find to engage in some serious pummeling, no no.

Now is the time to stop. To look. To give thanks. To appreciate. To ponder. To allow ourselves to Be. I think if we can do this, our inspiration will find its way back to us with gusto. And we will be flying once again.

So, as I wander my house, waiting to feel a little less lost, here are the things I am truly grateful for, and find beauty in.

Go gently, won't you?

who doesn't love a light box?

making an entrance

its made from bamboo; it's almost too pretty for the eyes

where I sleep

my meditation

from my love

where I sit

why, hello!

dots + chevron - what's not to love?

my dear, smile-inducing friend

where I also sit

my indulgence {I hope my naturopath isn't reading this}


jen storer said...

So much prettiness, I can't stop smiling. I'm grateful for you, Dot! xxoo

Sandy Fussell said...

Oh! Snap!

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