Kids' Parties: Boys' Ball Party

Monday, 16 February 2015

It's not that I'm tired of kids' parties. I'm just tired in general! I actually really, really love them--they seem to be so much more fun that adult parties, but after 15 years throwing them for my daughter and son, I'm tired of the fuss.

I've been doing Simpler and Easier for a few years now {here is my list of parties, all increasingly easy as the kids get older!} and yesterday's party for Riley's 12th birthday was one of my faves yet. The only prep needed was goodie bags--choc malt balls in a cello bag with mint leaves on top {mimicking dirt and grass} and a squeezy sports ball. I printed 'thank you' labels, folded them over and stapled them to the top of each bag.

I made miniature bunting by printing letters onto card, cutting them out and stringing them between two pieces of dowel anchored in bottles of sand.

I also printed astro turf {for goodie bag labels and invitations} and pictures of soccer balls, AFL and NFL balls. I cut these out and stuck on them on picks for the food. They looked SO effective and are just so easy. It's not often that 11- and 12-year-old boys will come up and compliment you on decorations, but several boys did! So yes, even kids can appreciate lovely things.

Venue: Don't gasp, but ... I had it outside my home! I know! Mildy anal retentive, I can no longer be fagged cleaning the house for visitors, so I chose Bowen Park on Lake Burley Griffin, carted a fold up table and a few cloths, and let the beautiful shores of our capital's lake play host.

It was a good move.

A gorgeous, warm day with a light breeze, sunshine and clouds, the boys descended and set up stumps. They played cricket, then they tumbled onto an enormous piece of red cowboy gingham and nibbled chips, crackers and hotdogs, and opened presents.

Then they played cricket {and successfully fished three balls out of the lake}. How easy is this party!? I sat and played with my phone like a teenager.

Then we had cake ... cupcakes--what could be easier!? And--horror of horrors--I BOUGHT THEM! and just iced them myself and stuck AFL ball picks into each one. So low fuss. So happy making. I didn't even bother using candles. Anyone who's had an outdoor party knows the perils of naked flame in wind--so we lit sparklers instead and sang happy birthday.

Then we smashed a pinata, which is always just the best fun in the world. I don't know if you've ever seen a lolly scrum, but it's a sight to behold. I laughed till my belly ached.

Then it was goodie bags and time to go home. The kids trotted off happily after two hours in the sunshine, and lots of laughter and sporty shenanigans.

And not a single benchtop to wipe.

I vote this the Best Party Ever.

would you like some turf with your candy?

Happy birthday, my beautiful boy. I love you.

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Jaquelyn Muller said...

As usual you make refined and thoughtful look easy! Gorgeous Tania. Jaquelyn Muller

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