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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bonus Challenge: COCOON

Some of you may know I left the 52-Week Illustration Challenge in the talented hands of my friend Nicky Johnston this year, as although last year was life-changing and glorious, I was spending far too much time immersed in the beauty of this initiative, and needed to spend more time actually creating.

2015's logo was created by the lovely Sally-May Lott

My goal has been {all along} to start illustrating some of my own books, and since the Challenge began in Jan 2014, I've been really thankful to have the chance to hone my skills and reconnect with something I used to love so much.

Late last year, I was fortunate to receive a highly-commended nod from the ASA for their Emerging Illustrator Mentorships. I receive some mentoring from one of my all-time favourite illustrators, Sue deGennaro {glorious experience!}, and we spent time going over some of my digital work for a picture book I'd been working on.

The great thing about receiving mentoring is that it's both incredibly inspiring and daunting! It's also enlightening and really helps bring focus. After chatting with Sue, I realised I was perhaps working on something that felt 'easier' to do {digital illustration} rather than something that really impassioned me {watercolour illustration}.

So, I think I'm going to make a shift and start again on a couple of my books. Daunting, yes, but every pen and brush stroke I've made have all been part of honing my skills. Every moment spent in practise is valuable.

I have a very busy year ahead and will be in book production for most of the first half of the year, so this, coupled with a refocus on my book illustration pathway, has meant little time to participate in the 52-Week Illustration Challenge. And I've missed it sooooo much. Not only for the people involved--my gorgeous admin team--and, of course, the stunning, daily artworks being posted--but because it's been such great practise--creating to a weekly theme.

I did managed to get a handful of weeks done earlier in the year--weeks 1, 2 and 3 ...

week 1: FAIRY TALE

Week 2: ITALY

Week 3: RETRO

I then had a break and didn't post again until Week 7 ...

Week 7: FARM
And week 11 ...

And tomorrow I'll be posting in Week 13 ...


I still have a long way to go, but getting back into my practise again has been so rewarding. So much so, it's made my heart sing. And I'm more inspired than ever to begin work on my aforementioned picture books.

Are you doing something that you love? Daily?

PS: if you're near Canberra and are a SCBWI member, come along to our next ACT meeting on Weds 1 April, where I'll be speaking about the Challenge and our recent exhibition in Perth. Details are here.

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