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Thursday, 12 March 2015

What were the 10 best bits about working on This is Captain Cook?

  1. I got to work with my talented friend Christina Booth! Who wouldn't backflip over having her illustrations in their book??
  2. I had the chance to research Cook as the man himself--as a husband, father and mariner--and this was a fascinating thing to do.
  3. It was intriguing to enter another time in world history that really wasn't that long ago, yet was fraught with disease and danger.
  4. It was lovely to be able to simplify the extraordinary life of a high-achieving man, to make it both interesting and entertaining for the very young. It was important to me that the book included humour and that the narrative was short and simple. I didn't want it to be just another information book. I wanted it to be a story. And we've certainly achieved that!
  5. Learning about all the mistakes and inaccurate information out there--mostly the fault of the internet but also the conjectured information that made its historical (inaccurate) mark, oftentimes in the drawings and paintings produced at the time.
  6. Working with my editor and publisher on ways we could make the text shine for little ones, while still honouring the chronology of Cook's life. As an editor myself, I love this process, and both Susan and Stephanie are always so great to deal with.
  7. Seeing Christina's roughs come through and then the colour finals--all on large sheets of watercolour paper, spread over tables at the National Library. Heaven!
  8. Watching the visual sub narrative unfold (parents-in-the-audience) that Christina worked on as she illustrated.
  9. Learning that the book had sold out of its first print run several months before actual release. A real thrill!
  10. Signing for our second book in this 'series'--you'll have to wait and see who's featuring next (am v excited about it!).
You'll have the chance to see some of Christina's roughs later today!

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