Recent Picture Book Purchases - July 2015

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Some recent picture book purchases that have knocked my socks off--and will more than likely knock yours off, too. None of these will disappoint. Have made a few notes below, to push you over the edge and straight into your local bookstore.

This is just unbelievable. Truly. It's magnificence personified. Maps of all styles, colours, places and time? It's just pure bliss.

I had heard about Rivertime for so, so long and somehow, a copy just kept escaping me. I finally snaffled one and it truly is as beautiful as everyone says it is.

HUGE Blex fan. Colour, form, design, cleverness. He has it all.

A wordless book, this high contrast, poignant story is just awash with life and warmth.

Don't be deceived. This is not just a baby board book with graphic design style imagery. It's overwhelmingly goosebumping. Tears sprung after the first page turn. Divine in its simplicity and splendour.

I've had my eye on this book for some time and was delighted to stumble across it recently. Wordless and powerful. Stunning images.

Love love love Alice Melvin, and this beautiful book with page lift-outs and cut-outs is Alice personified. And I love how much she's personalised this one.

Frank is another love. His use use of retro styling and cleverness is just so Up There. Clever cut-outs form a play on words that will delight kids.

Molly Idle has made a PB series out of Rex. And lo, they are good.

Recent joint winner of the Kate Greenaway, let's just say there's a reason. I ADORE this book--in too many ways to mention, but suffice to say it combines stunning imagery with history, heroics, adventure, high detail and passion. Worthy winner.

A new found love, Julia's work is so free-form and luscious. It's a joy to peruse this book and I adore her colour palettes.

Not really a picture book--really a concertina map, but wow is it wonderful.

I've just ordered in All the Buildings in New York--and Aussie James has also managed to sneak in a Sydney version (of all the buildings he's done so far). Hankering for a collection I can display on my wall shelves.

I bought this from Closetful of Books on my recent trip to Singapore for the AFCC--and it's just toddler heaven. Not that I'm a toddler! But you know ...

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