o lovely spring

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Isn't Spring just lovely? The older I get, the more I appreciate its fluttery, blossomy appeal. Things seem fresher and brighter--overnight--and enthusiasm and creative mojo seem to burn a little brighter.

I had a challenging August but September is a new month and I'm loving the renewed sense of energy that's come to my work, after an unwanted hiatus.

I haven't worked on Le Book (my first self-illustrated book) for many, many weeks--and sometimes, when you don't work on something for so long, you not only lose enthusiasm, you worry if you could ever draw or write or think creatively again.

The thing about reconnecting, though (and most especially reconnection done with baby steps) is that enthusiasm and creativity rush back quickly--as though someone has reached out their hand and turned on a tap.

So if you're worried. If you're procrastinating. If you're uncertain. Just do it. The tap will turn on.

Here is a peek at my recent spring wanderings around my neighbourhood and yard, and a peek at recent doodlings for Le Book that have totally relit my fire.

I hope your fire is being lit right now!

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