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Monday, 11 January 2016

One of the most exciting thing about writing books, is playing 'god' when it comes to creating characters. You can create absolutely anything you like, in whatever colours, styles, moods, personality traits. It's like imaginary play for grown-ups.

Extending characters by creating 3D models is a whole lot of fun, and how could I resist creating crocheted caricatures of Piglet, Bunny and Cat from my upcoming book, Smile Cry? These beautiful critters came to life from the paintbrush of the gorgeous Jess Racklyeft, then hopped onto the end of my crochet hook. They'll be coming along to my Canberra launch in early March! (see EVENTS for more)

Another delightful surprise regarding book characters came from my dear friend and 52-Week Illustration Challenge admin member, Lisa-Marie Kerr, who has started a business that will blow your socks off if you're into gorgeous interiors for kidlets. Bear and Sparrow. You simply must check it out.

Lisa-Marie surprised me with this beautiful peg doll, based on one of the characters from my first self-illustrated book (our November 2016). Can you believe how gorgeous she is?

Creating anything, in any form, whether it be painting or cooking a cake, is such a fine way to feel happy, connected and at one with life.

What are you creating today?

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Sandy Fussell said...

I love your crocheted critters. I had two weeks holiday down the coast in early January and picked up an unfinished piece of cross-stitch - a beautiful native American image of feathers. Not high on the creativity scale as I have a pattern to follow but I had forgotton how calming and meditative counting and stitching can be,

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