Beijing Tai Tai turns Chinese

Thursday, 21 July 2016

I loved living in China (2005 - 2009). Absolutely loved it. It changed my life--and the life of my family--in ways too numerous to mention. I think the world would be a very different and far more peaceful place if we, each and every one, had the chance to live in a country that's hugely different from our own. One that stretches and opens our hearts and minds. One that takes us out of our comfort zone and teaches are that we are all, indeed, one race. The human race.

Could you imagine? Yes, the world would be a very different place.

I really miss China and would love to go back and see how much it's changed since 2009. I miss the people, the food, the quirks, the smells, the ceremony. I miss the sweetest and tiniest things, like the call of the nut and seed sellers as they peddle their 3-wheeler carts through the streets. The eye-boggling beauty of the flower and fruit markets. The ceremony of tea.

So, it's a real honour to have Beijing Tai Tai translated for the Chinese market (thank you, Exisle Publishing and Shanghai Joint Publishing Company and Big Apple Agency, Malaysia!

It's quite surreal to see my text in Simplified Chinese, not to mention the interesting (but very Chinese-market-savvy) cover and the even more interesting occasional internal images!

I'm not too sure what this mixture of reto line-drawings have to do with Tai Tai, but I love them all the same--they're so kitsch!

And now to see what the Chinese market thinks of the book...

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