Australia Illustrated Virtual Launch - Fun 4 Kids!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Hey kids--do you like fun activities? YOU DO? Thank goodness!!

Herewith, please enjoy some fun bits and pieces in celebration of the launch of Australia Illustrated.

Click on items to enlarge. You can also save them to your computer and print them out!

I hope you have FUN!

Spot the Difference

There are 10 differences between the two images, above. You'll notice the differences in the image on the right hand side. Can you spot them all? If you struggle, the answers are right here!

Word Searches

Match It
Can you match the iconic site to the place? Do your best! Then find the answers here.

Colouring Pages
Click to enlarge and print ... or colour in digitally!

On this quokka selfie page, you can either draw yourself in the polaroids with a
quokka or two, or you can paste your own photos into the spaces!

Colour in and then draw your own Melbourne buildings and sites in the cappuccino froth!

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Cate Whittle said...

Fun! I know what I'll be directing some of my early finishers towards today :-)

Brook Tayla said...

Fun for big kids too !!

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