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Monday 31 October 2016

Put the kettle on! And brew yourself a cuppa to enjoy this series of posts with some truly fabulous people.

Enormous thanks to the special people who have hosted a little visit from me during this virtual launch. Yes, I popped in for a virtual cup of tea with several talented friends, and herewith a peek at those cups of virtual tea. Make sure you stop awhile and check out each site--these are some amazing people, doing some amazing things!

At the bottom of this post, you'll see links to some early reviews and other articles--and I'll update this post with reviews as they come in over the following weeks.
A Virtual Cup of Tea and a tartufo with author Jen Storer, where I have a good old chinwag on her Girl and Duck site about that heavenly genre—non-fiction books—and about how bananas the Australia Illustrated creative process was

A Virtual Cup of Tea and a homemade sausage roll with author Dee White on DeeScribe, where I talk about writing and illustrating a picture book even though I didn’t really know how to at the time

A Virtual Cup of Tea and some pistachio biscotti with author Dee White on Writing for Kids, where I chat about Authorstrators, yes I do
A Virtual Cup of Tea and a slice of cassata with author/illustrator Nicky Johnston, where we natter about such delectable things as book genres, ideas and illustration style
A Virtual Cup of Tea and a fluffy scone with jam and cream with Emma Perry of My Book Corner--where we go behind the scenes for a peek at picture book creation--how is it done??
A Virtual Cup of Tea and a strawberry cupcake with Matilda, who is 10 and is one of Soup Blog’s regular book reviewers (she knows books!), and where I respond to her brilliant questions about Australia Illustrated
A Virtual Cup of Tea and an affogato with Jackie Hosking of Pass it On--where I answer questions that made me smile, especially yellow ones
A Virtual Cup of Tea and a warm croissant with author Dimity Powell, where we have a lovely meander through the creative process for Australia Illustrated and where I thoroughly enjoy my cup of tea
A Virtual Cup of Tea and a choc-chip cookie with Georgie Donaghey from Creative Kids’ Tales, where I answer some fabulous questions for her Tours and Tales

And here is a hot cross bun--for you, dear reader. Just because they are so delicious with a cup of tea.

The Bottom Shelf with Barbara Braxton
My Book Corner with Emma Perry

Kids' Book Review
Check back for more as they come in over the coming weeks!

Meet the Illustrator on Kids' Book Review
Illustrator Spotlight on Culture Chest
In New Idea magazine, 7 November

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