Christmas Gift Guide featuring Australia Illustrated

Saturday, 15 October 2016

I have a bit of an obsession with talented people, especially those with a strong visual aesthetic and a knack for grouping beautiful things together in a beautiful way. I also have a bit of an obsession with gorgeous kids' products and Christmas, and so it is with swelled heart that this blog post is about all three--talented people, gorgeous kids' products and Christmas!

Kelly of The Styling Mama is the talented people part of this post. Kelly shares my obsession with gorgeous kids' stuff and Christmas (as you can well see in these photos). These pics are from her Australiana Christmas photo shoot, which can be seen in her recent blog post entitled Christmas Down Under...neath all that wrapping paper.

In this post, Kelly lists the product creators (with links to their websites). Wait till you see these websites and what these talents are creating--seriously. It's enough to make your toes curl in delight (and apologies in advance for the temptation ... but it's almost Christmas!).

I was so fortunate to have Australia Illustrated in the shoot (thanks to Lisa-Marie of Bear and Sparrow!). I really need to hire Lisa and Kelly as my advertising director and stylist. Authors need book shots like these!!

You can see more of Kelly's gorgeous work on her Instagram feed right here, where you'll find more pics from this shoot, along with creator tags.

In the meantime, get set to drool! I hope you find some Christmas inspiration here. That koala cushion and Uluru cushion ...

Remember, head to Kelly's Australiana Christmas post if you want to locate any of these items--and stay tuned, as she has more Christmas posts on the way.


And too cute not to include ...

And then there's the above cuteness which appears in his own video ... click the still below, and wait till you hear him say 'nummy cake smile'.

Sorry, totally off track, but Smile Cry would make a lovely Christmas gift, too, of course!

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