Australia Illustrated Virtual Launch - Character Names Revealed!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Thank you to everyone who sent names and profiles in for five of my book characters! This was A LOT of fun--I was laughing out loud at the names and stories you came up with!

I'm delighted to introduce you to each one, below, along with the clever people who named them.

Here we go ...
Name: Barney
About: Barney has grown up living in a little weatherboard cottage across the road from the beach, and there are always surfboards leaning against the garage and towels draped over the balcony. As well as enjoying playing in the surf, he just loves going beach-combing to find tiny treasures to line up on his windowsill, but the little starfish in his hand is a rescue and he is about to put her back in the ocean where he knows she belongs...
Who named him: Cate Whittle, over the hill and far away, out bush
Name: Taula May
About: She is raw energy, bursting with love and light from first light till lights out. Always on the move, she is rhythm and song like nobody's business. Even in the bath, she sings
Who named her: Jodie, kid-like

Name: Mabel
About: She is quite a shy girl but reading books make her feel alive on the inside. One day she wants to write her own books and being the quiet type means she is a great observer of all the people she meets - she calls them her characters. She keeps a secret journal where she writes down all her ideas and observations.
Who named her: Brook, Melbourne
Name: Patrick
About: Patrick by night (always from 7pm sharp), and Captain Rad Pants by day. He and his ever faithful comrade, Teddy Pants, are known West Australia-wide for their extremely quick costume changes, exhilarating moves, honed during hours spent on the trampoline, bucket-filling acts of kindness and general radness. Patrick aspires to always be a boy super hero - he's not fond of the idea of growing up, and believes his best work can be done from the comfort of his home with his Mummy and Daddy.
Who named him: Jess, 34, Madeley

Name: Evie
About: Evie who loves ice creams in all the colours of the rainbow, picking pink flowers from the neighbourhood gardens and singing loudly at the most inappropriate times ... even at school assembly. But everyone forgives her as she is a real cutie.
Who named her: Leonie, Sydney
Thank you, everyone! I loved 'meeting' these characters all over again!

Stay tuned for the winners of original artwork and books! 
Later today.

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1 comment:

Brook Tayla said...

Yay - I named Mabel ! She is so adorable and will always hold a special place in my heart now xx
I was just wondering Tania, did you name some of the characters yourself along the way ?
It would be fun to be introduced to some of them in the same way too.
Thank you for this fun week and for letting us all into a little bit of your world and your amazing book xx

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