quacking through a quakerview with the queen quacker--Jen Storer of Girl and Duck

Friday, 26 May 2017


You know those dreamy goals you add to the bucketlist in your mind? New York Times Bestseller List. An Haussmann apartment in Paris. The thighs of an athlete with five per cent body fat. Interviewing for Girl and Duck in the Quackerview series of inspirational videos.

Last weekend, while in Melbourne for KidLitVic, I had the great honour of achieving the latter (still working on 1, 2 and 3), entering Duck Pond HQ to chat with the queen of the quackers, Jen Storer, Children's Author and Chief Inspirationalist at Girl and Duck. My goodness, we had fun. Like, seriously. We could have talked for HOURS--or weeks even. Maybe even years.

We talked books, industry, writing, illustration, honing your craft, conferences, career isolation, career progression, picture book collaboration and construction, transitioning from writer to illustrator and much, much more (like, seriously more). We laughed, we gasped, we drove points home and nodded in ferocious agreement. It was a fascinating discussion and I'm loving the bloopers at the end!

Huge thanks to Jen, Dulcie Duckworth and the Drake (videographer, editor, IT, brilliant cook and gorgeous soul) for putting together a beautifully-crafted, slick production that was so much fun, my mouth is still sore from smiling.

Jen's inspiring and informative videos--her Questions and Quacks, and Quackerviews--can be accessed by subscribing to Girl and Duck. Subscription also allows you entry to The Duck Pond on Facebook--a truly priceless community of like-minded peeps, offering support and inspiration for your children's book journey.

Click on the image below to subscribe (free!) to Girl and Duck and exponentially forward your children's book journey.

Thanks, Jen!
x o x


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