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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

It's spring! 

And we all know what happens.




It's a primal thing, methinks, because on the weekend, I was seized by the desire to do over my studio. I really liked my 'old' studio (below) but was hankering for something a little more streamlined... and all the beautiful illustrations from friends and colleagues were starting to fade in the dazzling light that fills my sacred, north-facing space.

the BEFORE picture

This new look (below) is a little bit Scandi, a little bit Japanese, a little bit mid-century modern. The pictures on the cupboards are from Miroslav Sasek calendars (obsessed!). Many of the planters, frames and baskets (along with the wooden tray) are from IKEA, as is the chair (though I really need a more comfortable one).

The large painting on the desk at right is by Jess Racklyeft, from our book Smile Cry, and there are various other framed artworks from friends I adore. The wooden peg doll on the shelf top right is by Lisa-Marie Kerr of Bear and Sparrow--it's a character from Australia Illustrated! The little wooden trees are from an Etsy store.

On the bookshelf (above), you'll see a Riley doll made by the wonderful Tina Snerling (illustrator for many of my books) and an original artwork (line drawing) by Andy Joyner for Australian Kids Through the Years. On the shelf above my desk is a tram by Sophie Pittaway, and below that a whale by Kirsty Collett (our new 52-Week Illustration Challenge director!). The baby in the crib is from Mamie (HCP, 2018), as is my screen saver.

The paper mobile (above) is something I made years ago from the myriad paper snippets and trinkets I've collected over the years. The Seussy-like tree is from a department store in Bangkok and the hanging planter, bamboo boxes and greenhouse are from IKEA. The paintbrush holder is the most amazing fox, again made my Lisa-Marie Kerr of Bear and Sparrow, and the lightbox is from Typo. The desk easel, which I lay almost flat, is from Eckersley's.

The grass painting on the wall (above) is by my friend Dee White. The green cake stand (Donna Hay) is holding a Snugglepot and Cuddlepie pin made my Jess Racklyeft for Erstwilder and the tiny Buddha is from Thailand. The little May Gibbs drawing is a draft character study for Mamie and the box hedge in the faux marble vase was rescued from our front garden, trampled by overzealous brickies last week.

Below, these little succulents are from IKEA and the striped paper cup is a cupcake holder. The wooden mountain is from Typo and the gumnut baby was a gift from Jen Storer.

The wooden block city is from MoMA in NYC, the SMILE blocks are from Kikki-K. The illustration below the shelf is a striking birdlife print by Penny Fisher of One Penny Design.

And now for a panorama!


jen storer said...

Floating!!! So beautiful, Dot! xox

Emma Perry said...

Yikes! What a wonderfully gorgeous & creative haven. Love it!

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