Merry Everything window reveal!

Monday, 13 November 2017

What a gorgeous morning we had at Harry Hartog Westfield Woden, at the unveiling of my Merry Everything! window. We enjoyed a countdown and reveal (thanks to little helpers Ayla and Zoe) and then bubbles, gingerbread and candy canes. An impromptu book signing saw almost all book copies evaporate, and it was fantastic to catch up with some lovely people.

Alas, WIN News couldn't make it at the last minute, thanks to some criminals. Don't they spoil it for everyone?

Thank you, everyone, for coming along. Jess Racklyeft, illustrator of these amazing images, was sorely missed (when oh when will be able to fax ourselves interstate??). I hope you enjoy these pics. And mega thanks to James Redden from Harry Hartog for his endless support, and to Leanne Barrett for helping out with Facebook Live (which failed to go live--does anyone have any tips!?). You can see the reveal video on my author Facebook page here.

Oh, the suspense...

Thank you to my adorable little helpers, Ayla and Zoe...

Fantastic to catch up with Danielle McDonald, who was in town from Goulburn, as well as Cate Whittle with her wee grandson, and Stephanie Owen Reeder. Note to self: do not, against all intuition, hand a camera to someone you think may take slice people in two!

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