a bear a day month one!

Friday, 26 January 2018

Cupcake bear - UP FOR BIDS TODAY

A Bear a Day has been in operation almost a month now, over at Ye Olde World @abearaday90 Instagram HQ. Above is today's cupcake bear, and she's available till 9am tomorrow, Saturday 27 January, Sydney time.

Here are some of the other kooky creations making a daily appearance... all have been sold, but there are three at the end of this post that are still available.

I'll be having a week-long second chance sale in the first week of April--all unsold bears will go for just $55 (these are all originals) unless snapped up beforehand, and I'm offering this option to my blog readers, in advance!

So check out the three unsold bears below and if you want one, hop on over to @abearaday90 on Instagram and leave a comment on the bear you want. First in, first served! Free postage, worldwide.

Bicycle bear - SOLD

Cactus bear - SOLD

Confetti bear - SOLD

Party hat bear - SOLD

Pink hat bear - SOLD

Pirate bear - SOLD

Polar snow bear - SOLD

Reading black bear - SOLD

Sage bear - AVAILABLE

Grandpa koala bear - AVAILABLE

Beatnik bear - AVAILABLE

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