see hear: creator interview

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

In celebration of the release of See Hear (EK Books), Jess and I have put together a little inside creator interview--all about our favourite things!

Favourite thing to see:

TM: Art. Man-made: illustrations, paintings, collage, architecture. Nature: mountains, trees, the way light bends itself into such beauties as bokeh and rainbows.
JR: My kids playing in our veggie patch.

Favourite thing to hear:

TM: Rain falling. Always has been, always will be. Also love hearing laughter.
JR: Rain (while I am inside).

Childhood memory of something you saw:

TM: I have vivid memories of someone from my family, perhaps an aunt, holding helium balloons. I think we might have been at the show or the zoo or something--I was super young. I can still picture them and can still feel a flood of pure happiness. Maybe it explains my balloon obsession??
JR: Full moon rising, dolphins jumping, still ocean while we were in a little boat at sunset.

Childhood memory of something you heard:

TM: I grew up in Hobart, where it rained pretty permanently. I feel an enormous sense of comfort and love when I hear rain. Combine it with the smell of ironing clothes or cheese toasties in a pan, and I am transported straight back to childhood.
JR: Listening to my parents chat with friends at the dinner table while I fell asleep at their feet.

Favourite page in See Hear: 

TM: You know how hard this is, right?? I love them all, seriously. But if I had to choose, I would choose happy humming. It just warms me to my toes.

JR: I think the discovery of the castle.

Favourite onomatopoeia in See Hear:

TM: I do love sizzle, pop and clatter, but my favourite would have to be giggle giggle giggle. Because I can almost literally hear it. And what's more beautiful than the trails of children giggling?
JR: Happy humming.

Favourite onomatopoeia of all time:

JR: Warble

Best thing about working on See Hear:

TM: The ease, and the excitement of seeing what imagery Jess would come up with next. It was like Christmas each and every time.
JR: Working with such an easy and fun team again, and getting to hang out with the three characters again.

Best thing about creating early childhood picture books:

TM: Knowing the impact we may have on young minds. Providing comfort, joy and enchantment for kids is everything. The thought of a child saying 'again! again!' and befriending any of my books ... how happy that makes me ... no words to describe that.
JR: It's a dream job, creating something kids can see (and hear) and building new worlds on the page.

What I hope kids will take away from See Hear:

TM: Connection. And I hope adults are transported back to the happiest moments of their childhood.
JR: A bit of fun and magic while learning more about their senses.

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