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Monday, 4 June 2018

I had the great pleasure of visiting Rosary PS here in Canberra today, as part of my role as an Ambassador for the Chief Minister's Reading Challenge. What could be more fun than talking books, showing how books are made, celebrating books, sharing books, laughing about books, and reminding children how much fun they are (not to mention how they make their brains and hearts grow super huge).

They were such a gorgeous bunch of kids, and have a clear and deep love of books and reading. Our teachers and teacher librarians are absolutely vital when it comes to harnessing and developing a love of story. As humans, story is part of our genetic makeup, and at its core, of course, is literacy--a vital skill in our increasingly text-based world.

I keep forgetting that kids find this image very funny!

exploring the many and varied types of book--this one showcasing ONE MILLION JELLYBEANS!

chatting about the illustration process for Australia Illustrated

Thanks to the Chief Minister's Reading Challenge, children all over Canberra and surrounds have the opportunity to engage with story and literacy in ways they may not otherwise enjoy.

Rosary PS suffered terrible flood damage to their library earlier in the year, and today marked the day of its re-opening. I was honoured and excited (I've never cut a ribbon before!) to open the library with these delightful students. The only thing missing was a tiara! I know the kids will so enjoy having their beautiful book space back.


A resounding thank you to the ACT Education Directorate, to Kathy Griffiths and Jo Andersen and the team, and to Sandy Vincent and the staff of Rosary PS for making me so very welcome (that lemon cake... and you have Earl Grey tea!), and most of all to the kids for making me laugh and impressing me so very much with their bright minds and their love of books.

Permission has been given for the children to appear online.

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