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Thursday, 15 August 2019

In just two weeks, Ivy Bird will take flight! Release date is 1 September, and in celebration, here are some fabulous dress-up ideas for the little chicks in your life. Or the big chicks. {Watercolour images from the book by Jess Racklyeft.}

Ivy Bird loves to play dress-ups. From warbling in the early morning light like a magpie to donning her owl hat to hoot in the dark at bedtime, she takes great delight in mimicking her bird friends. It might be a very special red robin outfit, a peacock tail of leaves and flowers in the garden, or a rainbow lorikeet cape to help her fly with her feathered friends.

It's time to play dress-ups!

Adorable Flamingo by The Small Details
Super easy.

Some sewing, but worth it.

Bluebird by Martha Stewart

 Masked Owl by Martha Stewart

 Raven by Martha Stewart


Felt Owl by Primary
 No sew. Hurrah!
Glue-gun chic!

Colourful Bird by Curbly
Cardboard, paper and glue, hallelujah! Adapt to size.

Baby Owl Costume by Girl Loves Glam
No sew, felt and feathers. 

Parrot Costume by Make it and Love It
A divine creation for those who like to sew.

Feathery Wings by DIY Network
Super simple and quick. 

'Pigeon' by Mo Willems by  
Creating Really Awesome Fun Things
Easiest ever! 

No sew and a super dooper easy bird head. Adapt to fit.

Blue Bird by Small Fry
Easy peasy lemon squeezy costume using duct tape! 

Flamingo by Make It Love It
Some sewing, super cute.

Clucky Chicken Costume by moi for beijingkids
I made this costume for beijingkids magazine back in the day, for a Halloween 
costume story. So cute and easy.

Bird Masks on Etsy
And if you're super desperate and just want to fold something, check out the printable bird masks on Etsy. This amazing chockatoo mask can be found at LapaStudios.

The Birds by Andrea's Notebook
And, sorry, but I could not resist this super gorgeous The Birds costume!

I hope your little ones love dressing up as much as Ivy does. And don't forget you can use these costume ideas for Book Week, too. And if your child wants to dress as Ivy, she can use any number of these costumes (just wear a red wig or rock their own flaming locks!).

Click on Ivy Bird, below, to 
read more about the book.

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