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Monday, 23 March 2009

This is possibly the EASIEST card project your kids could make. Stick figures? Anyone can do these! And with a little wardrobe help, these ANIMATED friends will delight even the choosiest recipient.

Getting started is easy. You will need card stock in your chosen colours, double-sided tape, miniature dolls clothing or fabric stickers, a black ballpoint pen or very fine marker and decorative-edged scissors.

Use a straight-edged guillotine to cut card into 21 x 14cm rectangles, then fold in half, running a flat object over spine to smooth. This card will fit a standard A6 envelope (114mm x 162mm). Alternatively, use ready-made blank cards.

how to
Stick the chosen item of clothing loosely to the front of the card. Have your child draw their stick figure around it. They can practise on a blank piece of paper first.

Make sure you leave enough room to write the message. When kids are happy with the drawing, secure clothing with extra double-sided tape.

Trim card edges with decorative scissors for a professional look. Write message inside, and have kids sign the back of the card – after all, they designed it!

You can make birthday cards for anyone, plus get well, bon voyage, good luck or just for a special girl or boy. New babies are a great reason to give hand-made cards.

Kids can draw their stick figures sitting, walking, talking, dancing, jumping - whatever they choose. Experiment with different types of hair, too. Curly-wurly is lovely.

If your child wants their stick figure to be part of the scenery, keep other decorations to a minimum. The focus should really be on their gorgeous stick friend and their special item of clothing.

Ask your child to think about the person they're making their card for. What is special about that person? Do they play sport or have a particular hobby? Do they like to dance or sing? Draw a stick figure that represents that person doing what they love best. And don’t forget pets and animals – a monkey can always wear a pair of shoes or a hat!

happy birthday to you
you live in the zoo
you look like a monkey…
and you act like one too!

When it comes to the inside of the card, kids can also be creative. Encourage them to write their own message, and if they want to, they can add a little something inside the card for extra decoration (see below).

Photographs by Tania McCartney. Read more of my ezine under "little Magazine".


clausiller said...

So cute! thank you for sharing this and the great party ideas!

mickey said...

i love your design....

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