Calendar: Hooray for Snail Mail Day!

Friday, 3 April 2009

We had a lovely inaugural Snail Mail Day experience this afternoon after school. The kids whole-heartedly embraced writing a note to pop in the mail.

They chose a notecard, wrote their messages, drew pictures, addressed the envelopes and even licked the stamp.

It was fun - and now there are several very lucky snail mail recipients with imminent arrivals.

Will it be you?

1 comment:

Tania said...

Goodness me - WHAT a blog! I stopped by to check out your snail mailings and was completely waylaid getting to the relevant bit.

My small people are currently suffering from the non-postal service Easter break. Most of the return mail is coming from OS and I'm not sure they can stand to wait another day. Pity the postie tomorrow...

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