Easter Egg Tree

Saturday, 11 April 2009

I love trees. Not only do I lop parts of them and carry them inside to decorate my house, I love to decorate them.

You should see me at Christmas time. No - really. Ask anyone who knows me. Just you wait.

So here is my Easter Egg Tree. Alas, it has no blossoms but that's because we're Southern Hemisphereans. Maybe next year I'll find the time to make some out of tissue.

May this Easter Egg Tree inspire you to get decorating. Would love to see what you create!

Here is Ella helping me start the tree. Not!

Here is Riley helping me decorate the tree. Not!

Here is my little bird friend, keeping sentry over a load of shiny pastel eggs

Could you not just pluck one and pop it in your mouth?

Sweet eggy blossoms


Market Girl said...

Tanyia, this looks beautiful I love that ypur kids help as much as mine!

Have a lovely Easter.

Emma Davidson said...

Beautiful! Love it :)

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