Monkey Mania Alright

Monday, 27 April 2009

Oh là là. I must be getting old and crusty.

Today at Monkey Mania (yes, it’s mania-like), Riley and I were probably amongst the first dozen people to enter the mad crazy loop-de-loop slipping sliding bouncing jumping highfalutin world of the indoor play centre.

Then the tidal wave came crashing in behind us. A tidal wave of children.

We’ve been here around 40 minutes now and the screaming, squealing, calling - “Mum! Mum! Mum! Muuuuum! Look at me! Look at me! Mum! Muuuuuum!!!” - is actually starting to freak me out. That and the smell of chicken nuggets.

I absolutely and categorically adore children – but it’s been a long time since I’ve frequented one of these centres, where each and every child is on a manic ‘high’ – pretty much permanently.

And it really is unnerving me.

As the tidal wave keeps washing in, I seem to be shrinking further and further into my seat, and if you think I can spot Riley amongst the massive, squealing, spiraling waves – you’re sadly mistaken. Even his deliberately red and white striped t-shirt is no guarantee he’ll be spotted, so I’ve stopped trying unless I want to unhinge my eyeballs.

Oh, hang on a minute – there he is – trailing behind a very long line of children following Mr Monkey around, chanting as though caught in a Pied Piper-esque trance. And now they are pulling at him so hard, his head is in serious danger of dislodging. I wonder how much kiddie trauma THAT would instigate. Now some of the kids are smacking him hard on the back and screaming at him and pawing at him in a really horrifying way. I can hear his heart thundering from here.

Poor Mr Monkey. Very soon he might just disappear amongst the fawning crowd à la Lord of the Flies.

Sheesh. Have the parents of these kids drowned in their caffè lattès? Seemingly.

Monkey mania, alright.


bugmum said...

We went on the first Friday of school holidays. I had to leave after an hour because I was nearly hyperventilating from the sound of shrieking. Have banned visits until after school goes back...

Rebecca Vavic said...

Tanya... we went last Friday too... it is hilarious, really... I agree.

I sat there thinking... its pretty sad when my idea of "time out" and my kids having some fun... is to get a migrane in the process!! LOL.

I think I saw you at Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets on Saturday... pregnancy brain and all took me a bit to work it out, and by then you'd gone on your merry way.

Bek xo

Rebecca Vavic said...

I have posted about you and the interview of me on my blog:

Sorry, one of my oldest besties names is Tanya, so I mis-spelt your "Tania"... Oops! I got it right on my blog LOL!


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