I'm Loving... Ribbon Racks!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

You know those things you covet in life - those things you always dream of having and never dream you'll have?

For me, that's a ribbon rack. Among other things.

Living in Beijing meant an endless parade of dreamlike experiences and one of them was the markets and the wholesale products one could sink their hands (and money) into there. I won't even tell you how many conniptions I had on the floor when I sourced this ribbon.

I had a ribbon rack (or two) locally made and now I go into our spare room daily just to stare at these slivers of colour. Sometimes I touch. Sometimes I just stare.

Now all I need is a Martha-esque craft room...

Keep dreaming!


Market Girl said...

Ohhh you mean something like the gift wrapping room Mrs Spelling had?

Just joking, am very envious!
Happy Easter

smileybella said...

Ooh - did she really??? I'm off to google. Gee, I'm so out of the loop... Happy Easter!

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