School Holiday Fun: Blog!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Today's School Holiday Activity is blogging!

What kid doesn't like to batter away at the keyboard and arrange pretty pictures... indeed, oftentimes they do a better job than mum and dad!

Keeping a blog is a great way to get kids to keep a virtual journal - to expand their creative processes through writing, reading, researching, designing and cataloguing every day life. Comprehension, networking and cultural awareness are just some of the rewards of blogging.

Ella created her Mango and Max blog recently and has been absolutely thrilled to watch people from all over the world visit her site and leave some wonderful comments.

Your child can choose the theme of their blog and decide on the content. They can take photographs for it or scan items in. They can report on it daily or weekly or just occasionally, for fun. Whatever they do, it will be a real thrill for them to see their work 'e-published'.

Before your child starts blogging, talk to them about internet safety and how personal details must be omitted from the site. Name, age and country are fine, but any address, school or birth details are strictly forbidden.

On blogger, you can configure your child's site to be private. You can also monitor all comments and incoming mail (if you choose for email capability), and can 'invite' yourself to be a contributor to the site, allowing you to adjust any posts.

Blogging is a wonderful way for kids to get creative - school holidays or no school holidays.

Tomorrow's School Holiday Fun Activity is all about paper...

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