School Holiday Fun: Photo A-Z

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I’m a real wannabe photographer, and because my kids are so used to seeing me with a camera hanging permanently from my neck, they too have caught the shutterbug. Not only that, they can break into a perfect-smile pose in a nanosecond.

In truth, all kids love to point and shoot. Today’s School Holiday Fun project is to take photographs of the alphabet. That is – photograph an item from A-Z. Discuss with the kids the idea and how important it is to get creative. And yes, every letter must be done.

I look forward to seeing what the kids produce! and what big kids produce, too…

a is for angel

b is for bubbles

c is for clip

d is for drum

e is for egg cup

f is for film

g is for guitar (and globe)

h is for horse

i is for ice cream

j is for jigsaw

k is for kitten

l is for Lego

m is for monkey

n is for necklace

o is for orange

p is for portrait

q is for quilt

r is for rabbit

s is for stool

t is for teddy

u is for umbrella

v is for Vietnamese doll

w is for world

x is for the x's we can find if we just look hard enough

y is for yellow cake house

z is for zzz....

Tomorrow's fun kids activity has something
to do with publishing...

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