A Very Good Friday

Friday, 10 April 2009

Although we are not practicing Christians, our family has an inherent faith in the ideology and principals that surround Christianity – love, forgiveness, goodness. Indeed, these same principals are central to the concepts of religions around the world, despite occasional indications to the contrary.

But let’s not get religiously political here. Although we won’t go to church nor follow orthodox requirements today, Good Friday, to our family, is still sacred. We do talk about Christ today, and we talk about new life. We talk about miracles and we talk about sacrifice, love and hope.

Ella tempts Max and makes an Easter bonnet for Mango

We also stuff hot cross buns into our mouths, warmed in the oven and smeared with yellow butter. We sip Italian coffee and juice. We pile strawberries, grapes and other seasonal fruit into bowls and we giggle and play with the rabbits. And we always do an Easter craft.

How do you spend your Easter Friday?

Happy Easter!

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