Collecting: Dress Rings

Friday, 8 May 2009

I have large hands, so wearing delicate little pinkie rings makes me look like Andre the Giant.

Not a good look, no no.

As a result, I’ve always chosen large jewellery pieces, especially ostentatious rings. It’s been so much fun to see them come back in vogue – the bigger the better for me. They can be such a statement piece and when you talk with your hands as much as I do, you can be guaranteed they’ll garner an audience.

Here is my collection of dress rings to date. I’m particularly in love with the large silver dome made of conjoining circles, and the silver flower and dragonfly. I also love the jadeite rings and the flat disks with folksy and sky blue crystals detail.

The three thin black rings are carved from onyx and have a faceted outward face. You might see a crystal Mickey Mouse, a large yellow citrine set in silver and a gorgeous fernlike ring, set with malachite and crystals.

You might also notice a little stirling silver and gold Tiffany ring (in serious need of a clean!) my ex-boss bought for me in London many moons ago – I don’t wear it but can’t bear to part with it. I also love the mesh silver Tiffany ring, though this one isn’t real. There are three other precious rings in same picture as the Tiffany bow – a malleable pearl ring from my Mandarin tutor, Ping. A larger vintage pearl given me by my stepsister on my wedding day. And a shell/love heart ring my daughgter Ella made for me when she was six.

So many to choose from, but I slip one on my right hand daily. One of life’s teensy little pleasures.


TB said...

love the pinks and greens and butterflies!

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing this! The first pictures holds my favorites :O) The criss cross one, the leaf, and the large stone are so gorgeous!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh hi there giant hands, me too!! Atleast you have the height too!! Thanks gorgeous, love Posie

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