Collecting: Finger Puppets

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

There's something about finger puppets that totally charms me. Sticking one on the end of a finger - or even better - all five fingers - and waggling them about to a squeaky voice is like sitting on a yellow slippery dip and careening back to childhood.

It's just... cute. And the twee, teensy way they sit propped on your finger - just so lovable and sweet and entrancing for little ones.

I often used finger puppets for storytime with my kids, but I loved them well before Ella and Riley came along.

These two mice puppets were found in a teensy boutique in Mousehole (pron. Moozle) on the Cornwall coast of England in 1994 - well before kids. Their simple frock provides a finger nook and their little lace collars give them that medieval England vibe. Perhaps they were mousey scholars. I remember using them to entertain my fellow travellers on the back of train seats across Europe.

This little rabbit and mouse were also found in England, though I'm not sure where. Perhaps London, perhaps a far off country town. They also travelled on trains and entertained the masses.

The adorable humptys were found in Australia around the time Ella was born. They've served as many a storytelling accompaniment.

And this lot are from far and wide - from IKEA to toy shops and gifts from all over Australia. The yellow chick in the centre was given to Ella from Auntie Lisa for Easter, the year she turned two.

I think perhaps finger puppets are now lost on this growing (up) family, but I can't bring myself to throw them away. There's always the grandkids...

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