I'm Loving... Little Cotton Rabbits

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Don't you just love it when you trawl the internet in search of something to take your breathe away with its cuteness and you actually find it??

So rare. So lovely.

Just take a look at Little Cotton Rabbits - a gorgeous UK site run by Julie who offers some stunning little patterns for free... so long as you make them for the kids or grandkids and not for commercial sale. Absolutely fair enough, I say!

Of course, both Ella and I backflipped when we saw these little buglets. Can you imagine a little Christmas tree covered with these adorable creatures?

Right, it's May. I must get knitting.

I also purchased patterns for an adborable cupcake and rabbit egg cosy from Julie's etsy shop where she sells the patterns. She also has an etsy shop where she also sells the most divine knitted animals.

Thank you for being so utterly clever, Julie. Your work is beautiful!


Tiny Concept said...

These are just gorgeous - Makes me wish I could knit more than a straight line! I would love to see your finished creations!

Market Girl said...

These are gorgeous. Start knitting indeed.
I will get the about this woman things to you soon, Just so silly busy these days!
Love your work!

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