Swapcard Memories: Homemaker Kids

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Aren't you in for a treat? Here is some more vintage swapcard gorgeousness, from my collection (mostly snaffled on eBay - don't you just love the kid with the gun?!).

So lovely to look back on these cards and reminisce on swapping days as a young girl - a bunch of 8 year olds huddled in the playground using sharpened index fingers to halt overzealous card shufflers.

Such lovely memories.

These cards were some of my best faves... I know there are more in this series and I'll be looking out for them.

You can see more vintage swapcard memories here - Bright Girls, Sparkle Eyed Girls, Little Red Riding Hood and Pandas. And more coming soon. Wait till you see the collection of Babies!

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