What the Seasons Are Doing

Sunday, 31 May 2009

It's winter tomorrow.

Today, the last day of Autumn, we did what many Australian households do over winter time.

Radios spilled out the footy.

Kids on the lawn kicked footies.

Footies got caught bare-arsed in naked trees.

Spent foliage was raked and necks craned to peer at the sky through bare branches.

Bulbs were sunk into the ground.

Parkas were worn - as bright as rosellas and cockatoos.

The rosellas and cockatoos were given some dinner options.

And there was fresh air on cheeks, and smiling.


Market Girl said...

What beautiful photos, you are right we do those fabulous things. I love living here in Canberra where we have such great changes in season. x

smileybella said...

Reminds me of that song - four seasons in one day by Crowded House. I love Canberra's seasons, too.

Hope you are recuperated and feeling those lovely deep breaths that reach the toes. Until the next Handmade...

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