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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

While having a bit of a blog chat about kids clothing with the lovely Stepford Dreams bloggist, I got all caught up in beautiful kids clothes, as is frequently my way.

And I started surfing. And in that great ocean of website kids clothing stores, I plucked out my kids clothing faves, and also found some newbies.

And so I take great pleasure in sharing with you now – some brilliant kids clothing sites. If you know of more, please please send me the link. And no, not a bedazzled, character-emblazoned, bogan slip in sight.

Footnote – the sites with the asterisk * have SALES on!!! Hurry and be very quick (but leave some for me).

Ivy Designs


Run Scotty Run

*Big by Fiona Scanlan

Fred Bare

*Country Road


Jack & Milly (can be found at Myer)

Blink Designs

Rock Your Baby

Mudd Kids

And some sensational etsy stores... (support etsy designers!)...

And if all else fails... there's always Kids Style File for a little bit of oohing, ahhing and kiddie stylista aid...


Kids Clothes said...

this is a good blog, nice content also.
Thanks for sharing such a good blog.

Anonymous said...

thank you for including us amongst all these beautiful labels! stepford dreams directed me here :) x

Rachael said...

I love these pictures especially the Butterfly Baby Place picture...aww so cute. I have recently bought kiddies clothes myself from next clothing and loved the styles and colours although soem of the selection you have here I like more.

TB said...

I ADORE ETSY - I have to stay away from it - I will go broke there! I am going to learn how to make some of those frocks though - I'm telling you - If I can stitch up drapes - I can do those little frocks!

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