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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

How utterly delighted am I that my daughter has taken on my love of knitting.

It never even dawned on me to teach her as early as I did... When we lived in Beijing, my friend's mother was teaching her granddaughter at around age 5 or 6 and I thought to myself two things: Firstly, "by golly, that's a young age to knit!" and secondly, "I'm onto it!"

So I taught Ella the next day.

Sure, the first few practise runs were nightmarish, but with a little patience, Ella soon cottoned on and now knits up a storm. This is a blanket for her stuffed dog Samson, and she's begun her first colour change.


Now I've just got to get her anorak finished before winter creeps away. Watch this space!


Tiny Concept said...

How precious! What a wonderful skill to pass on to Ella. Maybe I could put in a order for some dolly blankets for Peyton - how fast can Ella knit!!

Anonymous said...

never figured this out - but I love to needlepoint - I should teach one of my girls!

Is Ella sitting by the heat or the air??


smileybella said...

TB - she's sitting on the heater!

TC - I'll tell Ella she has a client for Peyton!

...spooky, you both have a Peyton and a Peiten!

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