Koko Black

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sometimes it really luscious to go and spoil oneself at places like Koko Black, a sumptuous cafe and chocolate shop in the Canberra CBD.

Walking into Koko Black is like walking into a European chocolate box. The dark, smooth wood panelling looks chocolate coated (70% cocoa) and the touches of cream, mirrors and cystal lend it that debonair air. Just standing near the counter, studded with glassed-in truffles is a dream. If you look up, you'll notice great chunks of chocolate, waiting in labelled cubbyholes, begging a very large set of teeth.

Then let's not even mention the hot chocolates and tasting plates. Ours contained a mini chocolate cake, mouse and cookie, studded with a chocolate filagree to knock your socks off.

I highly recommend the 'light' hot chocolate - it means you can sip on something divine without being overcome with that sickly feeling - and it also means you'll feel less guilty filling up your shopping bag with such divine treats as almond-studded dark chocolate, chocolate citrus buttons, and teddy bear choc lollipops for the kids.

Koko Black
Bunda Street, Civic ACT 2601
tel: +61 2 6230 4040
open: all day Mon-Wed
all day till late Thu-Sat
lunch only Sun

1 comment:

Amanda said...

It's amazing, isn't it? Sooooo decadent...

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