NGA Heart Racing

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

So, I just got back from the NGA (that's National Gallery of Australia for those living 100km outside Canberra), and I walked into the house, which was coated in suburban muck.

There were dishes in the sink, crap on the floor, ironing in a monster pile in the corner, a tv guide lying listlessly on the floor and cereal crusted into bowls on the dining table.

I sighed and reached into my bag for the NGA gallery map, just so I could get a soothing touch. What a depressing moment.

But, back to the Gallery. I won't go into the lashings of European and Australian art from Monet and Picasso to Rupert Bunny and Authur Boyd. Yes, there were tears, as there always are with me. What I will go into is the magnificant Soft Sculpture exhibition the Gallery has in place until 12 July 2009.

There was just too much to gape over - a massive, clear plastic lotus flower that rose up and down on sighing air... a fuzzy oddball squirrel that had my hand quickly clamped to mouth, suppressing giggles... a stunning, hanging gallery of internal organs made from cotton, including a fetus in stages of development... two white, breathy walls of plastic bags... a massive great pelt of thick felt, cut into draping slices... A M A Z I N G.

These are my solid faves, in no particular order...

Untitled, Robert Morris

Bags, Lauren Berkowitz

Clear lotus, Choi Jeong Hwa

Pénétration, Annette Messager

Squirrel, Meret Oppenheim

And here is a special structure that quickly stripped any residual guilt I had about NOT bringing the kids to this... Riley is soccer mad. Can you imagine??? BOOM! KAPOW! tap tap, excuse me, madam...

Sugar the pill, Christopher Langton

What are you waiting for? GO!!!


francine said...

How wonderful - I would love to come and see for myself - HAH! like that is going to happen anytime this century!

Tiny Concept said...

This looks amazing Tania. I wish I could take some time to see an art exhibition. However, my house looks far worse than yours sounds at the moment.

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