My Little Orphan Annie

Friday, 7 August 2009

Recently, Ella's school was part of a sensational district concert, held at the Canberra Theatre. It was an absolutely astounding show - we're talking kids aged 5 to 18 here - and such amazing talent from skits to dancing and singing.

Ella's school put on a short rendition of Annie and they sang and danced along to several songs. She was one of the orphans. It was such a high-quality, impressive production, we were astounded. My only criticism would be that the show was far, far, far too long - nearly three hours, finishing at 10pm on a week night.

Nonetheless, we loved the show and kudos to everyone involved in this fabulous event... what a treat for these kids to be involved in such a thing.

I'm green.

But then again, there's always...



I love ya! Tomorrow!

You're only a day awaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

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Mee a Bee said...

It sounds amazing! I agree though 10 is too late for a weeknight. She looks really cute.

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