Our RSPCA Cupcake Day Results!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Izzy and Ella get into the decorating

Phew! What a day we spent last Sunday in preparation for RSPCA Cupcake Day - the biggest bake-off in the Southern Hemisphere! and all in aid of dogs, cats and animals everywhere.

Ella and I turned on the oven at 8am and switched it off at 6pm. Ten solid hours of baking. I took over 30 batches of cupcakes in and out of that oven, all day long. Jenn popped over with Izzy to help us ice - Ella, Izzy and Riley set to the decorating.

I think I went blind and my back nearly broke, and the kids ingested more sugar than little bodies should ever be allowed, but it was worth every single lollypop moment.

We ended up with 500 cupcakes! and thanks to the generosity of Jenn (lashings of delectable chocolate mud and sprinkles) and Barb (magnificent Dalmatian and Wombat cupcakes) we added even more cakes to our cause.

Huge thanks to Jerrabomberra Public school, who allowed us to sell our cakes to the kids on both Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th August (for also sold on Tuesday for those kiddlings who forgot their money on Monday - and there were lots!).

Special thanks also go to our very special cupcake sellers - Zoe, Kaisie, Caitlin and Ella.

Our day was a huge success and we raised $540!!! I'm already prepping the patty pans for next year...

1 comment:

Dragonfly said...

Congratulations. Such a great charity to support :-) Cupcakes look yummy too!
In the past I adopted the most loving, sweetest and grateful cross-breed from Brisbane RSPCA. She brought so much joy into my life!
Cheers, Karen

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