Garden in Lustrous Bloom

Sunday, 25 October 2009

I promised I'd post some pictures of our spring garden in bloom. We were so fortunate to have such garden-savvy owners of our house before we took over le mortgage. We just love what they did and hope to add to and enjoy this garden for many years to come.

This (above) is the view from my office at the front of the house - stunning Japanese maple trees create a gorgeous canopy of bright burgundy and lime green. They have filled out so deeply his year - probably a result of the very wet spring we've had.

The red of these trees astounds me, especially when drenched in sunlight. I almost feel like we are in autumn, not spring.

Here are some box hedge (above) ready to be planted, to fill scarce gaps caused by our football-kicking son. You can see his goal in the back yard. If anyone knows what this tree is (above), please do let me know. I have a feeling it is a topiarized tulip tree but I'm just not sure. You can see the leaves below left.

These Japanese maples (above right) meet together with such beautiful contrast, right outside Riley's bedroom window.

The foremost hedge hides our vegie patch and fruit trees; the hedge at the rear borders the property. Husband took to the former yesterday and it looks neat and stunning. The azaleas (above) are prolific right now - in all sorts of stunning colours and the hellebores are still out.

Seeing this garden come to life this spring has been like opening a beautifully wrapped gift. Like the deep purple iris appearing in our front garden this month, every day is a new and gorgeous surprise.

What new treasures have popped up in your garden?

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Mee a Bee said...

How gorgeous!! The maples! lovely.

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