Here's Cheers to a Sober October

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Oh boy. It’s here. A sober October.

My tee-total commitment to raise funds for Life Education’s invaluable initiative – Ocsober – has begun. And no, although I had a glass of bubbles, I didn't get schnookered last night. My days of binge-drinking are long over and, truth be told, any more than a glass or two and I’m snoring on the couch like Nanna after a sherry spree on Christmas day.

On top of this, getting my fill of bubbles, Baileys and bourbon on the eve of Obsober would pretty much kybosh any of the sentiment behind the whole Ocsober enterprise – namely, to help educate our kids on the perils of excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

Life Education Australia has been empowering young people for almost 30 years to live stronger, safer and happier lives. Founded by the Reverend Ted Noffs, Life Education provides a series of programmes and initiatives (like Healthy Harold the giraffe) to educate children (and parents) in the hope they will make positive life choices for a healthier existence, free from debilitating substance abuse. The organisation also covers other vital childhood issues such as bullying, smoking and healthy food choices.

While I’m absolutely delighted to be involved in raising funds for the important work Life Education continues to provide to our communities, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little nervous. Yes, I drink regularly. And yes, I may even rely on a drink occasionally. I’m relatively light on the alcohol-consumption scale in terms of bulk, but I am also a regular partaker, and giving it up is going to be an interesting exercise, not only in restraint but also in terms of pure habit.

I’m just glad this is happening well before the rounds of Christmas shindigs begin… glühwein is a big tradition in our house, along with sozzled fruit puddings and brandy-punched cakes. And sherry-smashed nannas on the couch.

Can I do it? I think I can. Even though a month free of alcohol is already making me sweat lukewarm sake, I am fully cognisant of the fact that a little bit of everything is okay. Pickling one’s own liver in a marinade of booze is not practising moderation in the least little bit and if Ocsober can help teach our youngsters just that – they will be a grand and priceless step ahead in the drama that is life.

I am representing Australian Women Online with this effort and would so appreciate your support. You can leave money anonymously, you can send it from overseas, it's quick and easy - and even a few dollars counts.

PLEASE support this worthy cause - I am a long way from my $5000 goal for AWO and would so appreciate your donation. Please visit

For more on Life Education Australia’s work, visit

Kids can check out Healthy Harold’s site at where they can join Club Harold, play games, win prizes and learn how to live a super-cool, totally empowered and healthful life

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Anonymous said...

you crack me up girlie! Co you know I have not had a drink since I returned to the USA? Not once? I just figured it out , like 44 months! It is a lot easier than you think! Best wishes for you on this!


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