Launch Sponsor: MissChief Maker

Monday, 23 November 2009

So happy to introduce you to another book launch sponsor for Riley and the Dancing Lion. In case you don't already know, the lovely Katie Dawson runs a beautiful boutique called MissChief Maker from Rodney's Nursery in Pialligo. The nursery itself is an eye-fest but wait till you see Katie's stunning little store, nestled into branches and blooms, and bursting with all things gorgeous.

The store has been in operation a little over a year now, and at first predominantly featured pre-loved children’s clothes that were either revamped or deconstructed and remade into super gorgeous kids items. Over time, Katie began including more and more local, handmade items for kids - and now features an absolutely stunning range of original items from local artisans and clothing designers like Posie, Kitchabella and Queenie.

MissChief Maker also stocks locally made and sourced toys, interiors and some women’s accessories like Prim & Pretty's retro brooches. You'll also find gorgeous exclusive lamps from The Owls are Hunting, stunning sheet sets from Mr Mudge, adorable cushions from Rogers and Reynolds, and more.

She even stocks my books, for goodness sake! So head over to Rodney's and find MissChief maker amongst the blooms, or shop online at Your poppet will be the best-dressed kid on the style block.

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